Big race

Friendly race with Billy Bones and Minicat 460. Imagine won despite is inexperienced kid on helm :)

We started in calm. We hosted gennaker and slowly sailed away from other boats. Later somebody turned on wind and we developed some speed.

Billy Bones overtook us near island because of conditions were little to complicated for helmsman and some mainsail problems, but after island nodoby were able to stop us :)

It is pity that was not available at that time. Track was recorded by other software and doesn't contains wind information.

Start time:Sep 9, 2017, 9:59 AM
Distance:11.6 nm
Average speed:4.0 kt
Maximum speed:9.3 kt
Model:Bull 7000
Wind sensor:Internet

Boat speed

Records Table

Course # Time Avg Speed
Sarafovo - St. Anastasia 01:50:59 5.7 kt

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - St. Anastasia 01:47:59

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - St. Anastasia 01:45:04

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - St. Anastasia 02:09:03