Fast Sailing

Nice promenade :) If we only had few more crew members for hiking on back route... Wind sensor shows completely wrong data. Maybe because of wrong installation place (in cockpit) where it can be shadowed by sails and crew. Maybe there is some problem with sensor itself. Maybe it is software problem. I need to investigate this issue.

Start time:Jun 18, 2019, 10:36 AM
Distance:8.9 nm
Average speed:5.1 kt
Maximum speed:7.0 kt
Model:Bull 7000
Wind sensor:Onboard
Wind:6.6 kt

Boat speed

Records Table

Course # Time Avg Speed
Sarafovo - Mosta 00:29:07 6.3 kt
Mosta - Sarafovo 00:36:51 5.8 kt

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - Mosta 00:28:20
Mosta - Sarafovo 00:35:52

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - Mosta 00:26:47
Mosta - Sarafovo 00:33:54

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - Mosta 00:33:51
Mosta - Sarafovo 00:42:51