Gusty Winds

Looks like my wind sensor died completely. It transmitted only few packets during this session. Anyway it was fun to try sail in gusty conditions. And it was fast also, at least sometimes :)

Start time:Jul 1, 2020, 11:10 AM
Distance:8.1 nm
Average speed:4.4 kt
Maximum speed:7.2 kt
Boat:Midlife Crisis
Model:Topper ISO
Wind sensor:Internet
Wind:11.0 kt

Boat speed

Records Table

Course # Time Avg Speed
Sarafovo - Mosta 00:30:47 5.9 kt
Mosta - Sarafovo 00:33:56 6.3 kt

Course # Corr. Time
Sarafovo - Mosta 00:33:23
Mosta - Sarafovo 00:36:48